Founded in 1979, the Ronald T. Dodge Company is a leader in the “Innovative Art & Science of Microencapsulation and Controlled Release.” Through our commitment to our customers and workforce, RTDodge has become a trusted business partner to the markets we serve. With a firm technological base and applications know-how, our only limitation is our customers’ imagination. It’s this commitment to customer service, quality and teamwork that defines the mission of RTDodge.

From R&D, through pilot testing, to full scale production, RTDodge can enhance your product’s performance, reliability and consistency by using a variety of sophisticated encapsulation methods and techniques. With our superior capabilities, experience, and knowledge of the industry, we remain focused at each stage of the process in order to guide your product from concept to reality. We manufacture in bulk and deliver to points around the globe. Our team stands ready to work with your product specifications and we welcome inquiries anytime.

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