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Ronald J. Versic, Ph.D., President Ronald T. Dodge Company

Microencapsulation is the process of enclosing a substance inside a miniature capsule. Such capsules are called microcapsules. The substance inside the microcapsule is usually a solid or a liquid, though a gas may also be used. The capsule wall is made of gelatin, wax, or another natural substance, or of plastic.

Microencapsulation is used to make scratch-and-sniff stickers and perfume strips used in advertisements. When a person scratches the sticker or perfume strip, some of the microcapsules break, releasing a scent.

Some microcapsules are designed to deliver chemicals slowly over time. They help regulate the release in the body of aspirin and other drugs. By using a single application of microencapsulated pesticides, a farmer can control weed growth or harmful insects for up to several months.

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