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United States Patent Number 5,250,344
October 5, 1993

Cast material with encapsulated lubricant

Patent Abstract

A slippery orthopedic cast tape produced by depositing onto a substrate a layer of microencapsulated lubricating or friction-reducing material. The substrate is impregnated with a material which is hardenable upon exposure to an activating agent. The coating of each one of the microgranules is formed of a material which is removable upon the application thereto of a removing stimulus. The microencapsulated lubricious material is applied to the inner end of a rolled cast tape so that it will be adjacent the outer layers of a formed cast. In one embodiment, the microgranules are formed of a water-insoluble polymeric coating over a polyethoxylated surfactant which serves as the lubricious material, the polymeric coating being rupturable upon the application of pressure in order to release the lubricious material.

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